I am an Engineering Manager at Apple, Inc. The views expressed on this site are those of my own. In no way are they associated with Apple or any of it’s associates.

With over 20 years of engineering experience in the computer hardware, software, and consumer electronics industries, I bring a passion for solving tough problems with a fierce emphasis on usability and ease-of-use.

Prior to Apple, I have held senior management and engineering positions within large, world-class companies such as MicrosoftNVIDIA, and Sony as well as many startup innovators like Aureal and Kaleidescape.

Growing up as an artist with a love for computers, I ended up pursuing a degree in computer science, instead of architecture, and blending both parts of my passion to change the primary failure of technology today: to enrich, simplify, and enhance our lives.

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4 Responses to “About”

  1. Terry Alan Blanchard Says:

    Holy cow. You have my name but you look just like a friend of mine. Eerie. I too have a degree in CS, though I’m in the Aerospace field.

  2. Terry Blanchard Says:

    Well, first off. You have a hella cool name. You’ll go far in this life carrying such an astute and prestigious moniker like that. 🙂

    As for your friend, I’ll bet he’s a heart breaker! ;-P

  3. Vijay Says:

    Hi, Terry!! How are you? I feel proud that you are with Apple!! I visit your site sometimes to read your views. It’s like I am learning things even when I am not working with you. You are the greatest manager I have ever worked for, and a wonderful person as well. That’s true!! You are also the ideal example for those who want to become managers.

  4. Terry Blanchard Says:

    Hey Vijay!

    Thank you very much for your kind words. It really does mean a lot. I hope that all is well with you.

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