Month: March 2006

Turning 36

  Why is it that everyone tries to make you feel like it’s the end of the world when you have a birthday approaching, or when it arrives? I’m really curious about this. Why? To be honest, I think it’s an amazing accomplishment when you reach another year in life. Not only did I survive […]


Today I took a tour of the Northern California TRACON facility in Mather, California. TRACON is an acronym for Terminal Radar Approach CONtrol. It is usually located within the vicinity of an airport. Typically, the TRACON controls aircraft approaching and departing between 5 and 50 miles of the airport. Radar equipment allows an air traffic controller to “see” the aircraft even at […]

Bollywood does Planes, Trains, and Automobiles – Part 8

You’ve gotten this far. This is my last chapter of this saga. I last left you as I boarded my American Airlines flight leaving from Dehli to Chicago. If you haven’t been reading this from the beginning, I suggest you do. I slink on board and find my seat. I don’t have an aisle or […]