Design Adds Value More Than it Adds Cost

You would expect that kind of title from a designer, right? Who wouldn’t. So let’s back that up with a real example. The Motorola RAZR was one of the hottest selling cellular phones during the 2005 selling season and well into the 2006 season as well. In fact, it was selling at a rate of about four million units each month, or roughly 1.5 phones every second. If Motorola were to spend another million or two improving the design, they would make it back in a day.

In a single day.

Design is something you only have to pay once for your product. It’s a part of the fixed costs in the equation, not the variable costs. But it adds value to every unit sold. That’s what Thomas C. Gale, the famous Chrysler automobile designer who retired in 2001, meant when he said that,

Good design adds value faster than it adds cost.

I like this Thomas C. Gale guy. He knew what he was taking about.

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