Month: November 2010

Why is My Apple Wi-Fi Network So Damn Slow?

About a year ago, I switched my broadband provider over to AT&T U-verse and have been relatively happy with it. One of my to-do items that was constantly de-prioritized was: Turn off U-verse broadband router wireless (802.11b/g) and re-enable Apple AirPort Extreme wireless (802.11n) A year later, I finally got around to it. However, all […]

Upgrade All NIB Files to XIB

When Xcode 3.0 was released Apple introduced a new file format for the source code-unfriendly NIB format to the XIB format. XIB files are text-based and far easier to work with when you need to diff you changes before submitting them to version control. XIB files are only used during development and turn into the […]