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Successful Businesses Hire the Right People and Give Them the Freedom to Make the Right Decisions

I read a heart-warming article on about a Southwest Airlines pilot. He delayed a plane full of passengers by waiting at the gate for a late arriving passenger. Planes that depart late reflect poorly on the airline’s reputation and how customers evaluate them. There were 100+ passengers sitting in the plane and he’s not […]

Flying the Garmin G1000 – Part I

There’s a revolution going on in general aviation right now. One that is changing the way small planes, otherwise known as general aviation, are flown. The Garmin G1000 is driving much of that change into small planes and Very Light Jets. The Garmin G1000 is an integrated cockpit manufactured by Garmin, typically composed of two […]


Today I took a tour of the Northern California TRACON facility in Mather, California. TRACON is an acronym for Terminal Radar Approach CONtrol. It is usually located within the vicinity of an airport. Typically, the TRACON controls aircraft approaching and departing between 5 and 50 miles of the airport. Radar equipment allows an air traffic controller to “see” the aircraft even at […]