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The “Good Enough” Culture

Imagine a completely normal paper clip. How many ideas can you generate for what else it can be used for? You have 2 minutes. Go. This exercise is one of the classic creativity tests to determine how skilled you are at brainstorming. The more ideas, the better. But how innovative are your ideas? There is […]

Gracefully Resigning

Congratulations. You’ve accepted a new job. Now take a deep breath and prepare yourself for the challenge ahead. Even though you may be floating on cloud nine now, there are a lot of emotional and logistical hurdles still to clear. The job-changing process arouses all sorts of feelings. Starting with your acceptance to the first […]

Non-Compete Agreements

Non-compete agreements seem to be one of those documents you must sign when starting with a new employer. They throw it in with the rest of the benefits and NDA paperwork you are expected to sign when starting out on your very exciting first day. It’s usually buried near the bottom of the pile when […]

Entrepreneurial Proverbs

I found this great list of entrepreneurial proverbs from Seth Goldstein’s web site. I’ve reproduced it here. Starting It’s good to be king — being an entrepreneur is the best job I’ve had. Every day your job is new and different; you constantly have to push yourself in new directions. You no longer have to say, “Well, […]