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Successful Businesses Hire the Right People and Give Them the Freedom to Make the Right Decisions

I read a heart-warming article on about a Southwest Airlines pilot. He delayed a plane full of passengers by waiting at the gate for a late arriving passenger. Planes that depart late reflect poorly on the airline’s reputation and how customers evaluate them. There were 100+ passengers sitting in the plane and he’s not […]

Bollywood does Planes, Trains, and Automobiles – Part 8

You’ve gotten this far. This is my last chapter of this saga. I last left you as I boarded my American Airlines flight leaving from Dehli to Chicago. If you haven’t been reading this from the beginning, I suggest you do. I slink on board and find my seat. I don’t have an aisle or […]

Bollywood does Planes, Trains, and Automobiles – Part 7

This is chapter 7 of my travel experience to Pune, India. This is where I begin my trip home. You should probably start reading this from Chapter 1. I’ve just spent 5 days in Pune, India. I’m ready to go home. My itinerary is: Pune to Delhi Delhi to Chicago Chicago to San Francisco One […]

Bollywood does Planes, Trains, and Automobiles – Part 6

I am shopping around for a publisher to this novel about my travel experience to and from India. It really is an incredible story. How I managed to not end my life during this escapade is beyond me. Start reading from the beginning at Part 1. Chapter 5 left off with me finally touching down […]

Bollywood does Planes, Trains, and Automobiles – Part 5

This blog is so long, it’s really a book. You can’t start reading a book from the center, so don’t start reading this blog from the center. Start out at Part 1. I slept for five hours. There was no way in hell I was showering, so I just changed my clothes, and caught the […]